Adobe InDesign CC 2017 – Color spectrum not available

A user of ours ran into the following issue: the issue is that the color spectrum tool does not allow selections. The colors are grayed out, and only some of the predefined colors are available.

To resolve this issue I did the following steps:

  • Closed InDesign.
  • Navigated to %appdata% Adobe / InDesign
  • Renamed the 12.0 folder to ~12.0 (This is to save the user’s custom prefs…)
  • Launched InDesign while holding down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT – a box will appear asking to reset prefs, I selected yes.
  • Closed InDesign – after it opened.
  • Deleted the new 12.0 folder.
  • Renamed the folder ~12.0 back to 12.0.
  • Launched InDesign and now the colors were back.

These steps will fix other boxes that are grayed out as well, not just the color spectrum. This is just the example that came across my desk recently.

Hope this helps!

Excel 2016 – Random black and grey boxes. (Funky Display)

A user at my company had an issue with Excel. On nearly every Excel document he opened, as he would scroll around, black and grey boxes would appear.

If he minimized Excel, the view would reset until he started scrolling again.


His set up is:

Surface Pro 4, 8 GB, with dual external monitors – so he has 3 displays total, and Windows 10 Enterprise. Monitors are set to Extended, and the Surface display was the primary monitor.

I noticed that his desktop looked odd, icons were chunky / pixelated, and there were things appearing where they should not be appearing, aka screen particles…

To fix the issue, I set the larger external monitor as the primary monitor, and signed out and signed back in. The desktop icons now look normal, and when I open any Excel document, there are no more black and grey boxes.

Since Windows 8 – it seems that is a display that uses scaling is the primary monitor, the other external displays do not look as good as they should.

I hope this helps others too!


Outlook – Scheduling assistant “No information available”

Here is an interesting issue thatย one user had with another. When ย user A tries to schedule a meeting with user B, scheduling assistant would display “no information is available” User A is able to successfully see calendar info for all other users, just not user B. Others are also able to see user B’s calendar info. There were no strange permissions on user B’s calendar. I found that if I added user B from the global address book, user A did not have the issue.

The solution I found was to delete user B, from user A’s auto complete address book. Once that was done the issue has gone away. Hope this helps someone else too!