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Hello, and welcome to! My name is James. I am glad you have stopped by to visit my website, – I hope that you enjoy your time here. I don’t post too often, and sometimes the things I post are only interesting to me, or tech people. Anyways, the purpose of the website is for me to share some of the things that I find interesting, or things that are helpful to solve tech issues I find at work.

Posting the things that I find serve two purposes, one – to help me remember some of the things I’ve done in the past to resolve issues, and two – to help others that may have also encountered the same the tech issues.

Another topic for posts is theology. I am a Lutheran (LCMS), and will on occasion post a quote of something interesting I am reading. Though to be honest, I have not really spent much time reading these last several months. But that is something I am working on changing.

I link my Instagram, so you may see some of my pictures I post. I’m not really into Instagram – Twitter is where I spend most of my time when on social media. You can follow me, I am @jmgtec

Thank you for visiting, I hope you come back! Please feel free to leave comments, or contact me!

The home office :)

The home office 🙂
The components:
Logitech MX Master Mouse: 
Razer Tournament Editiotion:
Intel i5 Nuc:
Dell Monitor:
jquery for Beginners:
The monitor stand I made out of left over 2x4s and three sheets of thin plywood.
And last but not least, the coaster is a cutout from our first Christmas tree, which you can see here  🙂